17.10 - 20.10 Retreat in Yehiam.

Wednesday to Saturday afternoon.

"Fivefold Path of Mahamudra" and White Tara Empowerment

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🔹 Before you register for the retreat,
please pay attention to the following details: 🔹

The retreat will take place at Kibbutz Yehiam (north) and will begin on Wednesday evening.
The rooms distribution and payment for them will be at Yechiam’s office, so make your time for that. The retreat registration with us will be 16: 00-17: 30.
At 18:00 a dinner will be served and at 19:00 we will begin Public Talk “The Yogi Milarepa”.
Those who can not attend that evening must arrive at the latest on next morning Thursday 18th at 8:30 am.
Teaching will starts at 9:00 AM and the registration will be after lunch at 13:00.



During the retreat, Rinpoche will give us the teaching for "Song of Realization Fivefold Path of Mahamudra" which was written by Jigten Sumogön, founder of the Drikong Kagyu lineage.

The text comprehensively covers everything the Buddha has taught and gradually guides the Dharma practices all the way.
In addition, On Saturday Rinpoche will bestow the White Tara Empowerment, Mother all the Buddhas, which brings abundance, health and longevity.


Participation and conditions of staying:

In order to make the learning environment as fruitful and useful as possible, participation will be a full time only (or at least from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon).
Registration for a partial retreat will begin based on availability.
Accommodation's conditions of 1-4 guests per room. If you wish to apply for accommodation with certain partners, please write their names in the registration form. Consideration of the request will only be made after the payment of all the partners!
Rooms include bed linen and a towel.
Each day, the retreat will include 3 vegetarian meals, simple and nutritious. Dairy products will be separate. Soy milk will also be served. Moreover, we can not accept special dietary requests but there is a small refrigerator in the rooms - you are invited to bring food with you according to your needs, and you can also buy at the kibbutz grocery store.
Meals will be served during the retreat, starting Wednesday, evening until lunch Saturday.
If you are unable to participate in the retreat, and you would like to attend only the Empowermnt (Saturday morning), please email us.


Retreat Costs:

🔸 Participation in the retreat involves cost coverage of 450 IL, that need to be transfer to Gar Jampa Ling includes: Rinpoche’s and his entourage flight tickets to Israel, English translation and food. As well as other expenses related to hosting. It will be possible to give Rinpoche Dana with gratitude and appreciation for what he has given us.

🔸 As the accommodation is directly with “Teva In Yechiam”, you will pay for the accommodation only at their office upon arrival.
It is 400 IL per a room for 1 night, so the cost will be according to the type of the room you chose, and for how many nights.

🔸 Without accommodations the cost per a person including food is 450 IL - which should be paid to Gar Jampa Ling within one week of the registration. 

Once you've completed the form, you'll be asked to make a payment by wire transfer to Gar Jampa Ling's account. The payment constitutes confirmation of your participation in the Retreat.

Payment must be made within one week of registration, otherwise registration will not be considered.


How to Pay:

1. Perform a direct bank transfer (on your bank's website) to the Gar-Jampa Ling Account,
Name of the bank: Bank Leumi, Branch 940 Petach Tikva, Account No. 7202674
(Upon receipt, we will send you a letter confirming this.)
2. Perform a transfer at your branch and send confirmation of the action by e-mail to us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
(Upon receipt of the email, a letter confirming this will be sent to you.)

Unfortunately we can’t work with PayPal.

We would appreciate your cooperation in transferring the payment within a week and taking into account all those involved in organizing the retreat.
Since everything is interdependence, help us avoid excessive work.
The entire organizing staff works voluntarily and with full commitment to Dharma.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:
After 30.9 the cancellation policy will derived from the cancellation policy of Yehiam with us:
two weeks before: 50% off the total price.
Week before: 75% off the total price.
1 day before: 100% off the total price.


Contribution to the scholarship - "Fund of generosity":

When we give another person the gift of Dharma - we accumulate merit and strengthen the consciousness of generosity. If you can contribute any additional amount, a full scholarship or a partial amount, you can give others a great gift.
Enter the additional amount you would like to give on the registration form.
Please note that the sum is for Fund of generosity.


1. The text will be translated from Tibetan into English. Anyone who needs a translation into Hebrew will bring an FM radio and headphones (not mobile phones, so there will not be noises while studying).
2. Karma Yoga: We will be divided into turns related to the operation and maintenance of the spaces we are using.
3. According to Teva's policy, animals should not be brought.
4. Meals will be served during the retreat, starting from Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday and Saturday lunch.
5. For any question, you can write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Registration begins 15.8: Orit Keinan,. Phone number: 052-8777434. You should send a message and she will come back to you.
More information and Schedule will be send before the retreat.



If you can offer a lift please fill in your details in the cart.
If you are looking for a lift, one week before the retreat we will send the rides board so people can contact the person who offers it.

Notice: After your registration please fill up also the Health Condition’s Form

After reading so far 📍 We will be happy to meet you, do not miss this wonderful opportunity!


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